Sunday, 16 April 2017

IPhone developed for -$300

Scotty was asked by a friend of his, about the possibility of building a cellphone from scratch.

Driven to work on this, Scotty went parts hunting through the markets of Shenzhen,China where he currently resides part time.

 First, he bought a used but relatively new back cover, the shell in which the entire circuitry of the device is placed, in a cellphone market in Shenzhen. The he bought all the parts required to compose the screen like the LCD, the backlight, OCA(Optically Clear Adhesive), digitizer. He had them put together to make a screen in a cellphone repair shop. Then he bought the battery, required to power the device.

THe circuitry however proved to be a daunting task as finding ICs that were compatible with the panel he bought was difficult. Finally having found, the compatibile ICs he had the logic boards made, tested and tweaked out any faults.

Finding the remaining parts like the both the front and back cameras were relatively easy and so also the speakers.

Finally having acquired all the required little parts, he started to put them together.  And finally at the end of one month he was able to build his own iPhone 6S from scratch.

Although he spent around a $1000, he says he actually ended up using only $300 dollars worth of the parts as he didn't really need  the rest

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