Saturday, 8 April 2017

Lenovo Blade The Revolutes To Hybrid Computing

Major tech makers have recently been busy making up new innovations just like Microsoft's latest take Windows 10 2-in-1 devices. Well, the Redmond-based tech giant has already been thrilling its fans with its very own range of devices. However, Lenovo had been little secretive in recent past in this case. The company saw ample amount of appreciations with its Yoga hybrid flagship, Yoga Book. Now it is planning to move a step forward in the world of convertible devices with its next-gen machine, Lenovo Blade.

Lenovo Blade is the new generation laptop
(Photo : Lenovo/IF World Design Guide Awards) After the worldwide success of its convertible Yoga Book; Lenovo now has developed another incredible concept for Windows10 2-in-1 stunner, dubbed as Blade; know more about it here
The concept of this Lenovo Blade was recently revamped by the official panel of iF World Design Guide Award. According to Liliputing, Lenovo has equipped an innovative detachable keyboard technology within its convertible Blade PC, which allows it to be replaced and rejoined whenever it is required with the help of a magnetic connector. Driven by the Miracast wireless display capability, the device is able to provide the same level of performance even when the keyboard is detached.
As per a report by Digital Trends, the Miracast wireless technology also enables Lenovo Blade to continue working simultaneously with its touchable display as well as the keyboard, even staying detached from the main PC. Moreover, Lenovo Blade stands as a unique tablet computer which has the capacity to connect with any similar devices boasted with Miracast technology. Potential sources suggest this as Lenovo's major step on its way to developing futuristic computers.

However, it is still unknown whether Lenovo has implemented this spectacular connectivity through Blade's display or it's detachable keyboards. The answer to this question is expected to be delivered by Lenovo as soon as the company declares more information about its upcoming masterpiece. The availability alongside the price index for Lenovo Blade is still left to be heard from the official sources. It is indicated to be out during the later part of this year.
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