Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Microsoft is found to be Vulnerable

Microsoft: - Vulnerability in Word exploited by scammers, to be fixed at the earliest.

The recently discovered bug known as "Zero- day" had been reported over the weekend.

On 10 April,officials of Proofpoint, a leading cybersecurity company, announced the discovery of an email campaign which preyed upon the bug, thus disseminating the Dridex malware.

Dridex is intended to infect a victim's device and snoop on on
e's banking logins.

It was claimed in 2015 that hackers stole about £20m from British banks

The insecurity, so uncovered in numerous versions of MS-Word permitted malicious software such as Dridex to be installed on computers, without the User's knowledge.

Microsoft has so far not made any official statement as to whether the Mac versions of Word are vulnerable to same.

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