Thursday, 13 April 2017

Samsung & Apples "Bixby Voice Control"- It's Posponed !!

The much awaited Bixby Voice Control to be postponed

The Bixby voice control, the Samsung counterpart to Apple's Siri was revealed to the general public at a special event, this past month. Supposed to debut on Samsung's new flagship devices, the S8 and the S8+, it appears that, Samsung has suffered a delay.

It created quite a buzz as it promised users to help in searching and categorizing their gallery media and access information on their devices verbally.

Unfortunately, the S8 and the S8+ will now be sold without the voice control for Bixby.

On the other hand, the Google Voice Assistant, which is currently a standard part of the Android Operating System shall be provided to the devices. Also, the Korean version of Bixby' voice control has not faced any delay.

The tech giant announced that the whole version of Bixby will be made available by means of an update. Samsung did not give any reason, but the tests conducted prior to the launch declared that Bixby's software was not up to the expectations of the hype it managed to create.

Samsung said that the highlights of Bixby include Vision, Home and Reminder which will be provided on the devices upon release of the Galaxy S8. The Bixby Voice will be a available to the United States, this spring.

The S8 and the S8+ which awed the experts, have been projected as Samsung's redemption from the Note 7's exploding battery fiasco, which resulted in the recall of over 2.5 million devices over the world and an estimated loss of $17B to Samsung

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