Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Is Android Spying its Users Secretly ?

The Android operating system has faced a lot of flak over the years for its huge number of privacy and security flaws.

Off late, the Google founded OS had seen many incidents of privacy concerns, mostly arising from seemingly innocuous applications designed to spy on the user's browsing habits and online shopping patterns, which would facilitate advertisers to target them with content of a more specific nature. Apps with spyware embedded in their code always pose a threat to your privacy.

A team of researchers from the German University  claims that as many as 234 Android apps could be tracking your activities online. The team from  the German Technical University Braunschweig have discovered about 234 apps that contain a very specific code designed to activate spyware that are inserted into these apps by means of ultrasonic sounds, produced upon visiting certain sites, using certain services online. Though originally designed to profile users based on their shopping habits, these apps could potentially be used to discover your identity on various devices, pinpoint your location and, affect online services like Bitcoin and Tor.

Asides from this, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute discovered that Android apps could be communicating with one another covertly, sharing sensitive information about the user. Apps that you granted permission to access your sensitive information may be designed to share this information with other apps.

Some reports even suggest that apps with Spyware could can actually be downloaded from the Google Play Store. A spyware called SMSVova was downloaded over a million times from Play Store by users, via a download for a System Update. This spyware is said to be able to track your location.

The very ads you see online every day are most probably, specifically compiled for you, because a number of apps which you thought were harmless have already leaked your personal information to advertisers. If you're an Android user, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to put your phone down for a minute.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Samsung Competes with Apple's Autonomous Car Production Experiment

After Apple recently tested its self driving car on public streets in the US, Samsung entered the race to make its first self driving car. The South Korean tech giant recently received approval to test the prototype of its self driving vehicle in the streets of Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

According to sources, the government statement mentioned that Samsung had been allowed to test run its prototype on a Hyundai car fitted with cameras and sensors, on Monday.

Samsung is the first tech company to receive permission from the South Korea administration to test a self driving vehicle on the South Korean roads.

Apparently Samsung has actually been looking into the technology to produce autonomous driving as ealry as late 2015. In late 2016 it bought the American firm Harman which produces software and components for connected cars for $8 billion. In February Samsung is said to have invested in TetraVue, a tech firm developing 3D technology that is to enable autonomous vehicles to detect obstacles in front of them.

Driverless car technology is already a congested field with many tech companies like Apple and Google and the big players of the automobile industry like General Motors and Ford looking into it. Even Uber is said to have been interested in the project.

Apple Plans to Launch its First "SELF-DRIVING CAR"